DC’s all inclusive  dance party spinning the best Alternative 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s, New Wave, Industrial dance, Synthpop and more!

18+ to ENTER | 21+ to DRINK
DOORS at 9:00 PM
$7.00 until 10:00 PM
$8.00 after 10:01 PM


We have offically move the venue to 1707 L Street, NW WASHINGTON DC (the former home of Midnight & Catacomb)

There will be no April Vanguard Due to venue obligations but we will be back May 11th for more Vanguard Madness. please spread the word!

We can't wait to see you in May!

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We are happy to announce that beginning Vanguard DC – March 9, 2019we will be at The Meeting Place.We are excited to begin this next chapter and rest assured, even if the venue reminds you of partying like it’s 1999 Vanguard will still be firmly rooted in 2019, this will be something that will show reverence to the past but be unlike anything before it.
We we have our resident evils DJ’s Vlad, Panic and Retrofit.
Accepting your requests at the club and before you even there, this team is willing and waiting to make you sweat on the floor! Lets not forget our Host with the most Ada Retrofit!
Remember to play Ping Pong, Video Games, Checkers, Chess and other various board games that are laid out through out the venue!


Get half Price enterance if Feb is your birthday month!

contact us

Contact us

  • info@vanguarddc.com
  • Entrance next to 1707 L Street, NW